ICS All Class Reunion 2014
Alums, classmates and friends of Interlaken Central School gathered on June 14, 2014, for a day of remembering and seeing old friends. Below are some of the candid photos taken by attendees. Pictures will change periodically because we have SO many!

Class of 1949 and others
Class of 53 at dinner
Class of 1963
Class of 1954
Class of 1958 at dinner
Class of 1962
Class of 1962 at dinner
Class of 1964
Alum Association President,
Don Betzler ('59)
All Class Reunion cake
Garth Burgess ('61) checks in
with registrars, Noel Clawson & Martha Thayer Morrow ('64), Bonnie Westervelt Schlappi % Sandy Westervelt Harrington ('60)
Class of 1960 poster
Class of 1961 table
Ann Haviland Loree ('56) &
Naomi Craft Brewer ('44)
at book table
Gene Crane ('60) 
& Karl Messmer ('63)
Al Packer &
John Daly ('58)
The Swick girls:
Kay Poth ('66) &
Beverly Cowan ('62)
Anne Williammee Eiches ('62), Geri Williammee McFall ('65), & Barb
Morrow Coulters ('52) - all relatives
Webb Rankin, only attending member of Class of '38
Bill Gates ('56) & Bob Haskin ('57) at dinner
Mary Day Diamond and Jr. Darling ('59) 

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Class of '63 riders in the bus: Molly Folts Poister, Wendy Hanford Arundale, Sharon Eva Ricci, Margaret Willers, Bonnie Ruh Ellsworth, and Karl Messmer (driver)
Wayne (Butch) Brown ('58) and Jim Wicker ('57)
Class of 1960: (l-r) David Brust, Gene Crane, Sandy Westervelt Harrington, Fred McBride, Bonnie Westervelt Schlappi, Nelda VanVleet MacDonald, Sally Swank Grover, Sandy Burdick Reynolds, Sandi Fox Dendis, Paul Dendis
 June 14, 2014, was a big day in Interlaken. It was both the annual Olde Home Day for the village and the third All Class Reunion for the alumni and classmates who had attended the Interlaken Central School on Main Street. Those included the graduating classes of 1936 - 1969, plus others who began school at the ICS building and moved to the South Seneca District after Interlaken and Ovid merged in 1969.

The reunion gathering place was in the small gym of the ICS building. Tables for each class were covered with memorabilia and photos so that, following registration, classmates could circulate and meet up with old friends. The dinner, held in the large gym, offered lots of food and chances for story-telling and remembering. Don Betzler, President of the ICS Alum Association committee and the All Class Reunion committee, spoke briefly after the meal. A presentation about old Interlaken by county historian, Walt Gable, was the program. Many thanks to the committee for their hard work.