ICS 2008 All Class Reunion Photo Gallery
Saturday, June 14, 2008, was a special day for the alums and classmates of Interlaken Central School. Events began with a social time at the Interlaken Sportsman's Club the evening before, which about 150 people attended. The next day, reunioners either watched or joined over 30 ICS band alums as they marched to their old theme song, the Mickey Mouse Club march, played by the South Seneca Elementary School band. Then action moved to the small school gymnasium, where alums picked up their dinner tickets, visited their class booths, had their class picture taken, and socialized with old friends. About 300 delicious dinners, catered by the South Seneca Sportsmen's Club, were served in the big gym, followed by speeches and an historical slide presentation on Old Interlaken by Diane Bassett Nelson of the Historical Society.

Many thanks for a job well done go to the reunion committee: Gerry and Millie Dendis Messmer (organizers), Don Betzler (chair),  Marty Thayer Morrow (secretary), Paul and Sandy Fox Dendis, Noel Clawson, Judy Loan, Kitty Hagerman Ritter, Naomi Craft Brewer, Lee Braden, Jayne Freese Thompson, Jean Huhn Powell, Eleanor White Bingham. Thanks also to Patti Rankin Schafer, who organized the band alums.

Below is a thumbnail gallery of photos from the event, taken by Nancy Thompson Staples and Bill Updike.
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Setup and Socializing:
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1. Olde Home Day parade 2008 approaches
2. S. Seneca Elementary School Band
3. ICS Alum Parade Banner
4 - 8.  Band alums marching in to Mickey Mouse Club March
9.  Bob (Duke) Gerlach enjoying the parade
10. Bob Gerlach and alum marchers
11. Old fire truck
12. Judy Craft on her motorcycle
13. Kitty Hagerman Ritter ('44) and Naomi Craft Brewer ('44) at registration table.
14. Eleanor White Bingham and Bonnie Westervelt Schlappi ('60) set up their class table
15. Naomi Craft Brewer ('44), Millie Dendis Messmer ('52), Liz White Price ('52), Sandi Fox Dendis ('60)
16. Gary VanNostrand ('64) and wife
17. Jerry Robinson ('61), his mother, Melva Switzer Robinson ('39), and Joan Woodward Russell ('55) and husband
18. Al Packer ('49) with his camera
19. Bill Williammee (''59) and Jon Aho ('61)
20. Bonnie Westervelt Schalppi, Sandy Westervelt Harrington, and Eleanor White Bingham ('60)

21. Bunny Fuller Fox and Pat Young Brust ('62)
22. Curtis Thompson ('54) and Al Herrala ('57)
23. Sherol Cooper Rosbaugh and Judy Loan in their Class of '58 50th reunion shirts
24. Mrs. Al Redman with Art ('60) and ChereThompson
25. Ken Skidmore, Sue Brust Skidmore ('62), and Nancy Thompson Staples ('62)
25A. Kathy Dey, Don Dill ('59), and  Doris Brinkerhoff Garrison ('59)
26. Jan Crumb ('61), Don Dill ('59), and Fred McBride ('60)
27. Hungry alums crowd around the food line.
28. Charles Haskins ('54), Don Betzler ('59), Noel Clawson ('64), Paul Dendis ('60), and Cliff Darling ('49)
29. Dick VanBenschoten ('67), Doris Swarthout VanBenschoten, Barb Horton Yakeley, and Mike Yakeley ('69)
30. Class of 1958 table
31. Diane Bassett Nelson, Phillip Stannard ('68), and Marty Thayer Morrow ('64)
32. Gerald McComb ('53) and wife Florence
33. Jerry Lynch ('57) and wife with Bob Betzler ('57)
34. John and Dan Daly ('58) and Dan's wife Mary
35. Webb Rankin ('38)
36. Ann Lynch (wife of Bob "53) and Dick Fuller ('54)