The Interlaken Central School building opened in 1936, but it was a long road getting there. The old two story Interlaken High School, roughly across the street from the new building, had been in use for 35 years. Enrollment had increased from 68 students in 1927 to 105 in 1930. Facilities were both inadequate and in need of repair.

The NYS State Education Dept. recommended that the village  consider forming a central school district. In doing so, a larger building would be needed. Principal Darwin P. Norton and the Board of Education presented the proposal to the public in 1931; in 1934 the centralization was approved by the state.
Later that year, voters approved the site and a bond of $187,000.  Construction began of February 1, 1935, and was  completed on January 6, 1936.      
adapted from "Between the Lakes," by Maurice Patterson , 1976

A "Laying of the Cornerstone" ceremony was held on May 6, 1935. Clarence Treleaven, ICS class of '51, has donated an original program from that ceremony to the Alum Association. The 13 pages of it are found below. Click on a thumbnail to see the enlarged page.
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Laying the Cornerstone
for the ICS building
May 6, 1935
Program - Laying of Cornerstone for ICS Building, May 6, 1935