Florida Reunion Photo Gallery
2008 Interlaken in Florida Gathering
An Interlaken in Florida reunion was held February 9, 2008 at the home of Floyd and Mary Darling on their Double D ranch in Homosassa, FL. Forty people attended, meeting people thay had not seen in years and getting acquainted with others they did not know.
The dish-to-pass picnic was a great success.

Wayne Brown, Jr. Darling, Tracy Everett (all '59)
Tom Woodard ('62), Lee Braden ('61), Linda Horton Herriott ('65), Barb Coolbaugh ('61), Sue Brust Skidmore ('62), and Anne Williammee Thumm ('62).
Bill Porter ('59) and wife Sylvia
Dave Borden ('54), Joan Gritz, and Phyllis Boorom Marvin ('54)
Marilyn Hickok, Mrs. Hart, Chuck Hart ('50), Cliff Hickok ('54)
Jr. Darling and his daughter with Bill Prouty ('65)
Joanne Darling Glosser ('54) and Dave Borden ('54)
Connie Rappleye Drake ('66) and husband Ken
Virginia Lincoln Lewis ('50) and husband Joe
Marge Fuller Becking ('51), Virginia Lincoln Lewis ('50)
Clarence Treleaven ('51) with his wife and Virginia Lincoln Lewis ('50)
Sharon and Lee Braden ('61)
Theda Vosburg Lockwood ('39)
Virginia White Krokenberger ('60)
2009 Seneca County in Florida Picnic
This year's Interlaken in Florida picnic was combined with the Seneca County Picnic which has been held for 70 years.  Festivities began at noon on Saturday, March 7, at the Gem Estates Club in Zephyrhills. Nancy Thompson Staples was the contact for the 37 ICS classmates who attended from Interlaken. Total attendance was 104.

Pictured here are the Interlaken residents who attended
the 2009 Seneca County Picnic in 2009.
2010 Seneca County in Florida Picnic.
2012 Seneca County in Florida Picnic.
2014 Seneca County in Florida Picnic.