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How Well Do You Know Your School?

Below are ten questions about the Interlaken Central School. See if you can answer them.

1. In what year did the voters approve the creation of the Interlaken Central School District?

A. 1932B. 1933C. 1934D. 1935

2. How many townships comprised the new school district at the time it became centralized?

A. 1B. 2C. 3D. 4

3.  What was the size of the bond issue the voters approved for the school construction?

A. $137,000B. $148,000C. $166,000D. $187,000

4. How long did the it take to complete the school construction project?

A. 6 monthsB. 11 monthsC. 18 monthsD. 26 months

5. Who was the first person to be named principal of ICS?

A. J.L. WaltartB. William WheelerC. Darwin NortonD. Isaac Stout

6. In order to give representation to the taxpayers who lived in the rural areas of the school district, how many of the early Board of Education members were required to live outside the Village of Interlaken?

A. 1B. 2C. 3D. 4

7. Who donated 12 acres of land on which to build the new elementary school?

A. Wm. D. WheelerB. Charles LeonardC. T.W. Rappleye D. Rod Serling

8. In what year was the new gymnasium construction completed?

A. 1953B. 1955C. 1956D. 1957

9. Which of the following men was never a District Principal of ICS?

A. Maurice PattersonB. James AllenC. Donald MacDonaldD. Darwin Norton

10. After a vote to merge the Interlaken, Ovid, and Romulus school districts failed in 1961, a new referendum was held in 1968 to approve a merger of the Interlaken and Ovid Central School districts. The vote passed by how many votes:

A. 4B. 13C. 21D. 26

The material for these questions was taken from Between the Lakes, written by M. L. Patterson.

Answers: 1.C  2.C  3.D  4.B  5.C  6.C  7.A  8.D  9.B  10.A