The Interlaken Central School
Alumni Association
The association was created in 2000 by a few members of the classes of 1959, 1960, and 1961 for the purpose of coordinating reunion activities and increasing communication among classmates of ICS.  Activities that have resulted from this group are
-- the start of a schoolwide database of names and addresses of classmates
-- this website and links to related ones
-- an annual newsletter to all for whom we have addresses
-- attempts to contact members of other classes who are also working on
   these goals to increase the size of the group

Donald Betzler ('59) was designated the first president. Nancy Thompson Staples ('62) volunteered to be database manager.  Nancy Booth DeMarte ('60) became the webmaster and newsletter editor.  Other members of the first committee were Mary Day Diamond and Don Dill ('59), Art Thompson and Pat Ellis Gleason ('60),  and Penny Forsman McGuire, Jon Aho, and Jim Van Nostrand ('61).

Since then, several developments have occurred:
The alum association committee has increased through the addition of the class of 1962 and interest from other classes. New reps are Nancy Thompson Staples and Cheryl Ward O'Shaugnessy ('62). Since a few members resigned, new members are welcome.

We are collaborating with Jim Wyckoff ('44) who has organized several reunions for the classes from 1936 - 51 and chaired the committe which organized the All-class reunion in 2003. From his lists we have updated the database with many new classes' names and addresses.

At a committee meeting in July 2002, the members decided to issue a newsletter soon to update all those in the database on our progress and reports from this summer's class reunions.

In September 2002, planning began for an ICS all-class reunion, to be held June 7, 2003. This highly successful event happened on June 7, during Old Home Days.

During January 2003, 770 newsletters were mailed to classmates whose addresses we had. In June 2004, a second newsletter was mailed to over 900 people. In August 2004, a newsletter committee was formed to gather information. Also, a corner of the library was designated for the alum association.

In 2004, two changes occurred. A newsletter committee was created to assist in gathering and writing articles for the alum newsletter. Also, a small section near the yearbook collection in the Interlaken Library was set aside for ICS Alum files. Old newsletters and other documents can be found there.

2005 - 2007 brought the continuation of the website and publication of newsletters. A committee, chaired by Jim Wyckoff, was formed to work on the All-Class reunion in June 2007. Unfortunately, Jim died in 2006, postponing the All-Class reunion for at least a year. Lee Braden and Eleanor White Bingham joined the alum committee.

In 2007, we also updated our list of class contact persons and added a few people to represent classes previously unrepresented.  Also, a new committee was formed to plan an All-Class Reunion in June 2008, under the leadership of Gerry and Millie Messmer and chaired by Don Betzler.

2008 brought another very successful All-Class Reunion in June, which included social times, a banquet for 300, and the ICS band alums marching in the Old Home Day parade to the Mickey Mouse Club March, played by the South Seneca Elementary School band. The committee was chaired by Gerry and Millie Messmer.

At the 2009 alum committee meeting, it was decided to assist the class contacts persons by sending them each a list of their class members with contact information from the database. As a result, the class news for the 2010 newsletter increased so much that the newsletter grew to twelve pages from eight. The same plan was followed in early 2011, resulting in 20 classes reporting in the 2011 newsletter. 2012's newsletter contained news from 17 classes, with more detailed news from those who contributed.

In 2013, more classes submitted news which, combined with other articles, kept the newsletter at 12 pages. But in 2014, because of fewer donations and a request from editor, Nancy Booth DeMarte '60, the newsletter was reduced back to 8 pages. The website added some information, a new trivia quiz and a link to the registration form for the All Class Reunion to be held on June 13 and 14, 2014, coinciding with Interlaken Olde Home Day. Donald Betzler chaired the reunion committee. The Alum Association committee was saddened to lose member, Lee Braden, who died in April, 2013.

Alum Association Committee appointed 2010:
Don Betzler, ('59) President --
Mary Day Diamond ('59)--
Art Thompson ('60) --
Nancy Booth DeMarte ('60) --
Eleanor White Bingham ('60) --
Lee Braden ('61) (deceased)
Nancy Thompson Staples ('62)--
Cheryl Ward O'Shaughnessy ('62)--
Martha Thayer Morrow ('64) --

Interested in serving on this committee? We need members from other classes. Contact any member of the committee.